Part VII.   Other Mysteries of Gravity and Proposed Solutions
OO.   How Is Gravitational Force Transmitted or Activated?

It is an established idea that magnetic force is propagated by electromagnetic waves (and/or atomic messenger particles) that physically transmit energy at the speed of light (c) and create a magnetic field of force. Since magnetic force has so many similarities to gravitational attraction, it is logical to assume that gravitational energy is also transferred or propagated in a similar manner. But why have not such gravitational waves or messenger particles (dubbed “gravitons”) ever been detected?

Possibly each gravitational wave or particle transmits such a minute amount of energy that they cannot be detected with current technology and current methods (Gondhalekar, pp. 238 – 239). One thing seems certain: However gravity propagates or is activated, its force must emanate at the atomic or sub-atomic level and must pass through all ponderable masses (like a theoretical neutrino), most likely at or near velocity c.

On the other hand, is it possible that gravitational energy somehow attracts or activates without physical propagation, or any physical correspondence; that is, solely by its proximity to another mass of energy content? Is the energy/mass of the Earth pulled toward its own center primarily because of its mutual proximity? In other words, does the proximity of one mass of energy content merely activate or stimulate the energy content of another mass to attract one another?[1] And if so, how?

If the Earth propagates its energy/mass content in the form of gravitational force equally in all possible directions, 99.9% of this propagation could dissipate into empty space, and the Earth’s energy/mass could waste away over time. Or, more likely, does the Earth receive and gain as much or more energy/mass (in the form of gravitational energy) from the Sun and other distant masses as it propagates?

No one can currently demonstrate how the energy content of different masses interact, or how gravitational force is transferred, transmitted or mutually activated. At present, we can only use our imagination and speculate. The definitive resolution of these mysteries and paradoxes must also be left for future physicists, if at all.